Volume 2

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For those who thought the Minister answered every question they ever had in the first volume, be prepared for another moment of, “How did he know I was thinking about that” in Volume 2!  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan levels the reader up for another round of profound understanding. He heightens the Q & A experience by answering questions one may not have consciously known they had. He addresses matters of the heart, and he does this with the greatest of love, compassion and clarity. He knows how to deliver wisdom according to our nature and according to our condition.

He responds in ways where the reader can continue learning; meaning he gives depth. If you are just now becoming familiar with Minister Farrakhan, there is nothing shallow or surface level about him or his Teacher, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad!

He did not know the questions ahead of time. He intentionally did not want to know. His desire was to see how Allah (God) would use him in addressing the vast subject matters with Divine Guidance and Divine Revelation.


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